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The Ultra-lite Wheel Tray rocks - seriously! Whenever I was on-the-road, getting coffee or just wanted to eat in my car, I got so tired of dripping, spilling or just getting crumbs all over me, the seat, console and floor! Finally, there is a fun, easy-to-use product that that makes eating, drinking, reading or using your mobile device in the privacy of your car far more relaxing and enjoyable.


The Wheel Tray is a lightweight, foldable device that's stored in your door pocket or between your seat & console where prevents things like keys, credit cards or money from falling into the infamous "black hole". And when you need to use the Wheel Tray, simply pull it out and it turns your steering wheel into a tray table just like in an airplane!

Inside a cafe, it can be used to hold your laptop, mobile phone or pad at the correct angle on a table or desk. Just flip it over and adjust the straps and you're good to go!


Materials subject to change without notice based on availability.

Wheel Tray

  • Dimensions folded: 15 in. x 6 in. x 3/4 in.
    Dimensions Open: "L" shaped when used (12 in. x 6 in.) x 15 in. wide x 1/4 in. 

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