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Privacy POLICY

Our goal at It's Only Here is to provide you with cool useful product and services so that you love your experience, come back and support our growing mission for years to come! 


We are NOT in the business of selling or sharing any personal or private information ever! We only keep and use information required to fulfill your orders and contact you, any other use beyond that without your knowledge we think is really uncool! 

We appreciate, no in fact, we love your support and TRUST in us and will never intentionally damage that. We personally are all about privacy and security in this crazy World we live in. 

We want you to shop trouble free, after all our country was founded on TRUST and we want to help bring that back!


Now while we do NOT share or sell your information, obviously we cannot guarantee every company involved with us or on your side of the transaction has the same values. 


For example, our site operates on Wix website which is a separate company that we do not control. The merchant account is another company like PayPal. Shipping (USPO, FedEx, UPS), are companies and govt agencies; the blog pages (separate add-on company) etc. etc. 

Additionally, you might use a credit card which are separate company and the transactions runs through the internet (ISPs or phone company) anyway you get the idea, BUT we will uphold our end of the bargain because we believe in the Constitution of the United States of America and The Bill of Rights!

Let us know if you think, should add anything, clarify or make updates?

Give us your feedback!!



Mark Machuszek

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