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About Us

My name is Mark Machuszek

I’m Mark—an inventor, advisor and mentor. As a result of working with me, startup companies and existing business are able to launch, “switch gears,” or reinvent themselves to stay relevant so they can promote and grow their business, sell more products or services, and generate more revenue!


I have been in the innovation, environmental and tech space for decades, creating a number of products and helping a wide range of companies in the automotive, restaurant and education industries successfully launch, grow and scale.


To learn more about me, check out this recent profile piece here

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Why support us?


  • We plan to hire single parents, veterans, seniors, special needs individuals to produce our product. We want skills, talent, determination, trust & creativity, those are our core values. My family business has been awarded Dunn & Bradstreet’s Small Company of the Year seven times. 

  • The number of PRE-ORDERS we receive will determine our production goals, taking us from a small, inhouse, limited capacity operation to mass production – so every person who lives life on the go, will be able to reap the benefits of The Wheel Tray.

  • Contributors and early-adopters will get an innovative, new “Made in the U.S.A” product that will create jobs, help the environment with sustainable manufacturing practices utilizing recyclable materials, and potentially assist with reducing the number of unemployed individuals and those experiencing homelessness.  


It’s a win/win/win opportunity! 


Join the mission today, 

Mark Machuszek 

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