Welcome to the New Branded, Ultra-Lite Wheel Tray!!

The branded Wheel Tray gives a lasting impression to fans, customers or clients, not just for a minute or two, but potentially for years! Unlike the short, expensive, non-targeted TV or social media ads (that may or may not give a good impression), the branded Wheel Tray was chosen by your customer/fan, so they want this ever-present brand engagement.


The branded Wheel Tray is the best of all worlds because most people love their favorite brands, which is why they display them in the first place. And the companies receive on-going, positive advertising potentially years with just one media buy. It's like having a mini-billboard in front of your customer every time they use their Wheel Tray - sometimes many times per day having a meal, a drink or reading a book or watching a video, remember repetition is key to brand loyalty.


The Wheel Tray is perfect for that favorite sports team brand like The Rams, Dodgers or Lakers (hey, we are in LA) and for automotive brands like Tesla, Porsche, Toyota, NASCAR or any other product like Monster or Rock Star beverages. There is nothing better for a company (and its budget) than to be prominently and boldly displayed literally inches from the eyes of someone who loves and relates that brand. So what are you waiting for, your next step is to contact us!


* For branded names & logos, minimum order apply.
* Single & multi-colors available.
* Client must supply all artwork.
* Prices based on the size of the order.

* All orders must be pre-paid.
* Lead time is about 60 days depending upon the world and business environment which is outside of our control.


Private Labeled Wheel Tray

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Dimensions folded: 15 in. x 6 in. x 3/4 in.
    Dimensions Open: "L" shaped when used (12 in. x 6 in.) x 15 in. wide x 1/4 in. 

    Available for Wholesale